Our Mission

Patients discharged From psychiatry Dept. of hospitals need further medication and follow ups. Relatives often fail in their responsibilities in this matter. Relatives also fail in convincing the patient that he/she must continue medicines. Even educated ones hesitates continuing medication. Many of the patients pretend to swallow the tabs and throw it away. Relatives have their own limitations in enforce to take medicine. But in hospitals and care homes it becomes routine and unquestioned. Also, there are various creative and interesting time spending schedules in care homes accelerating the improvement of the patients. We have in Love Home training sessions in handloom, tailoring, vegetable cultivation, making of tablet covers, candles, flowers, soaps, lotion, decorative ritual articles etc..

These vocational attempts make an income too. We have regular prayer and retreat sessions which clean the residents internally, re-arming, and re-programming their minds. We dedicate ourselves for the up lift of the mentally challenged equalizing them to fit up and merge with the general stream of the society.

Our Vision

Mentally challenged people is a deep sorrow of all societies on the globe. In India they are above one percent of total population who needs regular treatment. Our country is not yet up to the mark in the treatment and rehabilitation of the mentally ill, especially women patients. Even in normal life; generally, women have no houses of their own. She lives in her parent’s house as their daughter and then in her husband’s house as his wife. If she becomes mentally ill while in parent’s house, she will be treated and kept at home in the care of parents, as long as her parents live. After the expiry of the parents the situation may differ, it is not certain that some relatives will take the responsibility. In the case of married women, most of the husbands seek the chance of divorce; while others will start treatment which goes on unfinished, these husbands also get tired facing the burden; and slowly the victim will be deserted. Or the patient herself may slip away.

Generally the patient is unaware of his/her illness. And therefore the patient will not go to a psychiatrist for treatment. He or she will not be willing to undergo treatment without compulsion of others. Really it is the duty of the state to see that the patient is treated and rehabilitated. Our politicians and high authorities are not much bothered about what all things happen to the straying women who are victims of mental illness and the social evils in result.

We have an ancient Mental Health act; still the last word of statute regarding the treatment and protection of the patients. The proportion in the number of psychiatrists and patients in India is approximately 1:4000 if none of doctors has gone abroad seeking better income at developed countries. Our budget provision for the treatment and rehabilitation of the mentally ill is only nominal. This is the reason and background of the emergence of charitable social work organizations – especially in Kerala. And LOVE HOME is one among such care homes founded in 1993.

who we are

  • They are all sheltered herein as members of
    one big family living beneath one roof
  • Provided with food, clothes and protection
    cared, loved and mended
  • A living example of "unity in diversity" evolved
    from the compelling love of Jesus Christ
  • Run only by public support, viz.contributions from generous citizens of India; those who trust in the absolute and defenite fruits of Karma
  • And those who believe that they GET when they GIVE
  • Now there are 145 inmates and 20 service personnels in LOVE HOME
  • During the past 23 years, more than 900 inmates reached
    back their homes in managable and self depending status. And we are really proud of this achievement
  • But the number of the needy who are deserving shelter in LOVE HOME is increasing in our society

about us

Love home and other care homes sheltering homeless mentally ill persons; emerged during the past three decades; are a stage of evolution in community life of our country resulted by scarcity of psychiatrists and treatment facilities in our country. The proportion of the number of psychiatrists and chronic patients is about 1:4000 in our country. Even middle class people are unable to afford long term treatment of their relatives. This is why mentally ill persons are found straying especially women.