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A : Love Trust Kadavoor P. O Via. Pothanicad - 686 671 Kerala, India

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P : +91 485 2566658, +91 9447605946
   : +91 9446122849, +91 9447822574

who we are

  • They are all sheltered herein as members of
    one big family living beneath one roof
  • Provided with food, clothes and protection
    cared, loved and mended
  • A living example of "unity in diversity" evolved
    from the compelling love of Jesus Christ
  • Run only by public support, viz.contributions from generous citizens of India; those who trust in the absolute and defenite fruits of Karma
  • And those who believe that they GET when they GIVE
  • Now there are 145 inmates and 20 service personnels in LOVE HOME
  • During the past 23 years, more than 900 inmates reached
    back their homes in managable and self depending status. And we are really proud of this achievement
  • But the number of the needy who are deserving shelter in LOVE HOME is increasing in our society

about us

Love home and other care homes sheltering homeless mentally ill persons; emerged during the past three decades; are a stage of evolution in community life of our country resulted by scarcity of psychiatrists and treatment facilities in our country. The proportion of the number of psychiatrists and chronic patients is about 1:4000 in our country. Even middle class people are unable to afford long term treatment of their relatives. This is why mentally ill persons are found straying especially women.